K Partners Says Goodbye to an Industry Icon

Say It Isn’t So!

K Partners Says Goodbye to an Industry Icon

K Partners Vice President of Hotel Operations, Jeremy Day, announced his retirement in early October.

Jeremy has played an integral role in K Partners’ success story, serving in several roles throughout the years including EVP, CEO and Co-President. His knowledge and expertise will be sorely missed.

With over 35 years of hospitality experience, Jeremy has seen it all. We decided to ask him a few questions about his time in the business:

1. When and where was your first position in the hospitality industry? How did you get the job?

In 1966 at Henri’s Gourmet French Dining outside of Boston, MA. I was a dishwasher. My older brother was employed at Henri’s learning the culinary arts.

2. What is your favorite part about the hospitality industry? Why do you enjoy it?

My favorite part is meeting and exceeding the guest expectations and seeing how much they are enjoying their stay in my hotel. Knowing you have had a positive impact on people due to your service.

3. What do you consider the pivotal event or position that turned the corner in your career?

In 1987 I was promoted to Food and Beverage Director in a hotel, which set the course for my career to progress upward in the hotel industry.

4. What is the funniest thing you ever heard or saw from a guest?

In a Holiday Inn Holidome in Colorado, at 2:00 am, one of the bar patrons after consuming a fair amount of alcohol, wandered through the holidome, disrobed as he approached the hot tub and proceeded to sit down. The only thing was, the hot tub was closed, had no water in it as the tub had received a fresh coat of epoxy paint… needless to say he left his signature accordingly!

5. What was the most challenging or difficult situation you ever encountered in the industry – that you’d want to share?

Globally speaking the most difficult situation ever encountered has to be the beginning of the COVID experience!

6. If you controlled the entire, international hospitality industry, what is the one thing you would change?

I would make the main thing the main thing- Hospitality comes first, the human factor. Make it about an interaction of people coming together rather than a business transaction.

7. Did you ever want to do anything else? If so, what?

Yes, I wanted to be a professional golfer.

8. Do you have any plans for your retirement? Any goals?

Golf, cycle, travel with family and explore new places and volunteer to help others.

We wish you nothing but the best, Jeremy!